HOME  12004 East 47th  Street Kansas City, MO 64133 816.888.3442 Fax 816.277.2700 Instructor 816.482.6862 Assistant “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” The laws for concealed carry have been around for a while and have recently changed for Missouri, lowering the age to 21 years old.  The   Kansas laws have changed some too but not as much as Missouri.    We have been up to date on these laws and are always updating our  training agenda to keep the student current on the laws for “CCW” permits.  We teach Missouri and Kansas classes here at our office and do the live fire at a firing range.  Missouri law now requires 50 rounds  of practice each with a revolver and a semi-auto pistol and 20 rounds  each for qualifying.  All students must pass all three areas of the train-  ing.  Classroom, tests, and range.  The most important part of the pass/  fail is attitude.  You must have the proper attitude.  Classes are available Monday through Sunday and start at 0800 and go   to 1630 or so with lunch break.  Cost of the class is $95.00 and includes   the range fee.  Pistols are available for use for FREE and 150 rounds   of ammo is available for FREE for the pistols.  We use 22 cal. ammo   for training as it is inexpensive and readily available. (Walmart)  If you   have a revolver and a semi-auto you are welcome to bring them, just   bring enough ammo for your class.    SEE OFFERS PAGE FOR SPECIAL OFFERS  Some pages still under construction, please be patient.  Thank You  OFFERS